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44th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference 2016 50 years of competence + experience with quality and reliability
Data dodania: 10.09.16

Since its foundation in 1966, the ift Rosenheim has initiated many technical developments and supported their implementation. However, at this year’s conference from 12 to 14 October 2016 the focus is not on a nostalgic review but on the analysis and continuation of these 50 years of successful operation in window and facade technology. New technologies, such as pressure equalized insulating glass units, media facades with large-area displays, and new materials and constructions such as integral windows and optimised coupled and double windows will change the products.

Likewise, the changes included in the new Model Building Code (MBO), and the new versions of standards EN 13830 (facades) and EN 1279 (IGU) need to be studied on the basis of first-hand information. Covering more general issues, keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif will give an update on climate change and Prof. Annette Hillebrandt will introduce the construction principles of urban mining. It goes without saying that the social evening will be under the motto “At 50, we rock!” and will provide some surprises.



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For 50 years, the ift Rosenheim has been working for quality, safety and security in a continuous effort to drive innovation and technical development, and to work on standards and on their practical implementation for windows, facades, glazing and accessories. How this successful development can continue together with the industry will be demonstrated at the 44th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference. Indeed, there are plenty of challenges and changes, which is why we need 29 lectures in 11 break-out sessions and 4 workshops in order to deal with the current issues.



2016 09a 4 2



The keynote speaker is Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif, who is holder of the 2015 Federal Environment Prize, and who will introduce us to the consequences of climate change and illustrate options for dealing with them. The wider issues are addressed, and potentially important innovations are introduced in the following lectures:

  •  “3D print – hype or the future? Opportunities and risks”, Nikolas Zimmermann (Fraunhofer IAO);
  •  “Pressure equalized insulating glass units – practical implementation and potential”, Dr. Ansgar Rose (ift);
  •  “Adaptive glazing and large-area displays for media facades”, Dr.-Ing. Walter Haase (Uni Stuttgart);
  •  “Design for urban mining – parameters for design and construction”, Prof. Annette Hillebrandt (Bergische Universität Wuppertal);
  •  “1000 windows for a palace – The Humboldtforum in Berlin”, Hans-Dieter Hegner (Humboldtforum Foundation in the Berlin Palace).



2016 09a 4 3



News on standards and regulatory instruments:

  •  “The new Model Building Code and Model Administrative Provisions for Technical Building Rules (VVTB)”, Dr. Gerhard Scheuermann (Ministry for the Environment, Baden- Württemberg, and Chairman of the Construction Minister Conference)
  •  “Updates on the revised EN 13830“, Rolf Schnitzler (ift) and Prof. Jörn-P. Lass (Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences) Lectures intended for direct practical application:
  •  “Evaluation of the occurrence of condensation in coupled windows and double windows”, Manuel Demel, (ift); 
  •  “Structural calculations and design of plastic building components”, Prof. Dr. Benno Eierle (Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences);
  •  “Mobile measuring of Ug-values – assessment of existing structures, refurbishment, in-production testing & inspection of incoming goods”, Konrad Huber (ift) and Alexander Frenzl (Netsch Gerätebau);
  •  “Thermography – quality assurance of thermal standards of windows and facades”, Benjamin Standecker (VATh),
  •  And of course, practical workshops on Wednesday afternoon on window sill connections, burglar resistance, escape route safety, safety barrier glazing and common defects.


It goes without saying that our anniversary celebration and social evening will be under the motto “At 50, we rock!” and will provide some surprises.


For detailed information and registration details please visit



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