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Renson expands its range of burglar-resistant louvres on Fensterbau 2018
Data dodania: 04.06.18

Risk analyses are used to assign a minimum burglar-resistance class to each façade element of a building. Such a class is identified using the abbreviation ‘RC’ (Resistance Class). The classes range from 1 to 6, whereby the resistance class RC6 represents the highest level of resistance against burglary attempts. Currently, RC2 is the most commonly used class for housing and buildings that are not considered to be very intrusion prone. With immediate effect, the Renson product range now includes a 424RC2 burglar-resistant window louvre in addition to the 431RC2 surface mounted and 421RC2 built-in louvres. The 424RC2 is provided with inox reinforcements. 



2018 05 en I 2

Photo 1-2: 424 RC2



2018 05 en I 3

Photo 3: RC4



Where higher burglary resistance requirements must be met, Renson offers the new 421RC3 louvre in its range. This louvre can be sized up to a maximum of 6m², as is the case with its 424RC2 louvres. For commercial buildings protection can even be provided up to RC4. Renson’s 423RC4 is provided with steel bars to secure it in the wall.



2018 05 en I 4

Photo 4: Renson references with burglar-resistant louvres – Renson referenties met inbraakwerende roosters – références Renson avec grilles anti-effraction



All exposed parts of Renson’s burglar-resistant louvres are made entirely of aluminium to achieve a sleek aesthetic finish and optimal durability (no corrosion can take place). Renson’s many years of expertise has given rise to a broad range of standard dimensions and designs. However, if certain requirements cannot be met using these standard products, Renson calls on its ‘Customized Solutions through Innovations’ department. Major projects involving customized solutions are executed exactly according to the customer’s requirements.







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