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Glass Industry Fair GLASS 2018 – the only business fair of this kind in Poland
Data dodania: 20.09.18

Polish premieres of the world-famous brands constitute one of the most important pillars of the Glass Industry Fair which will be held on 14-17 November 2018 in Poznań. The event will facilitate the visitors to discover new possibilities for which this transparent material allows. 



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GLASS fair is the only professional industry fair in Poland. The event itself is the essence of the latest trends popular worldwide. Visitors will be able to comment the technologies of the future and application of glass whose potential is still to be discovered on a current basis, and the fair itself constitutes the source of inspiration for entrepreneurs from the industry by allowing them to take the business development direction compliant with the current trends.


Glass industry fair in Poland has been rapidly developing in Poland, what is the result of the positive economic activity of flat glass recipient sectors, primarily in the construction market. The Polish market is composed of the facilities producing world-level windows and the developing automotive and furniture industry generate additional requirement for glass.


This event makes everyone aware of the many applications that the glass can have. The concurrent presence of the stone industry fair STONE guarantees the synergy of the industries and measurable effect of the trade meetings. During the last edition of the fair, vast and professional assortment was among others presented by the leaders of the industry: HEGLA, MEKANIKA, ELEPHANT, MC DIAM, GLASTON, or DIP-TECH.


The visitors were able to watch the machinery in motion and by this get to know the possibilities of diverse applications of the glass products as well as to receive the answers to all nagging questions directly from the exhibitors. Visitors of the GLASS fair are in 48% the decision makers: manufacturers of glass products, glass facilities, glassworks, facilities producing flat glass, designers also ones of the urban space, gardens, green areas as well as developers and investors.


In one word – GLASS fair is a business-oriented event for the professionals open to new possibilities of glass.


For more information go to: www.glass.mtp.pl



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