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Vitrum 2019: IG-line Integrated Insulating Gas Measurement
Data dodania: 11.10.19

Sparklike Oy is proud to introduce the new turnkey.  Sparklike Online™ system that allows IG-line integrated and non-destructive measurement of gas concentration of triple and double glazed insulating glass units, also through coatings and laminated glasses. Like other Sparklike gas analyzers, Sparklike Online™ is developed and manufactured in Finland, and is based on Sparklike´s patented and proprietary technology.


2019 10 01 1a


By utilizing the innovative Sparklike Online™ it is possible to confirm the proper functioning of the gas press, in an automated way.


Get familiar with Sparklike Online™ and other Sparklike insulating gas measurement devices, such as Sparklike Laser Portable™ and Sparklike Handheld™ at Vitrum 2019 which is held in Milan, Italy on the 1st until the 4th of October 2019. Visit us at Vitrum, Pavilion 5P, stand number N20.


We are proud to finally offer IG-manufacturers worldwide a turnkey possibility to install a measuring system directly to the IG-line. Similar installations have already been realised our Sparklike Laser™ measuring components, but now everything is available as a turnkey installation from us” says Mr. Mauri Saksala, Director of Line Integrated Solutions from Sparklike Oy.


2019 10 01 2a


“The Sparklike Online™’s dimensions and speed are compatible with all kinds of IG-lines and the level of integration can be adapted based on the customer’s needs and insulating glass line requirements,” Mr. Saksala continues.


The first installation of the Sparklike Online™ has already been completed in Denmark. Sparklike’s client Glaseksperten A/S has been working in the glass industry for over 25 years and wanted a fully controlled system in order to maintain and monitor quality. By utilizing Sparklike Online™, they are now able to respond to both national and international customer needs even better.

Jukka Manner
Sparklike Oy



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