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VEKA multifunctional system delivers what it promises
Data dodania: 19.05.16

With SOFTLINE 70 MB, VEKA offers a window system that is extraordinarily versatile in terms of its appearance, functionality, energy efficiency and sound insulation. Now it is proving its worth in a commercial building in Dortmund.



In 2014, VEKA introduced its new SOFTLINE 70 MB window system as a pioneering window and facade solution for commercial buildings. Now the system has demonstrated that it delivers what it promises in actual use, as this innovative new product was used on a large scale for the first time for an office building at Dortmund’s new business location, Stadtkrone Ost.



a2016 5 7 1

All of the windows are fully automated and integrated into the building automation system. The control system includes a weather station on the roof of the building that continually measures such factors as precipitation, sun exposure, sun position and the temperature.



Box-type window principle


The declared objective was quite bold – to reduce the energy consumption for heating and cooling the building to nearly zero – and SOFTLINE 70 MB is making a major contribution to achieving it. The system is based on the principle of the box-type window. It is comprised of an inner and outer sash level. The 36 mm deep space between these levels is quite literally multifunctional, and can be used to house a wide variety of modules offering additional functions, such as ventilation units and sun protection devices. VEKA offers a wide range of custom solutions for the technical equipment.



Integrated into building automation systems


For the Dortmund project, VEKA planners opted to use a parallel opening sash for the outer level, while they chose a conventional tilt-turn sash for the inner level. Thanks to the combination of these two sash levels and an installation depth of 170 millimetres, the resulting structure not only offers good thermal insulation properties, but also outstanding sound insulation (45 dB). All of the windows are fully automated and have been completely integrated into the building automation system. In order to ensure optimum light and ventilation conditions in the interior at all times, a weather station has been placed on the roof of the building to monitor the weather conditions. In the rooms themselves, sensors measure the interior temperature, CO2 levels and humidity. The building control system uses the information supplied from these sources to automatically open and close windows, as well as to raise, lower and optimally orient the sun protection blades. It is only when these means are not sufficient to achieve a pleasant temperature and air quality that fans, heating or cooling are activated. ‘The individual components utilised here are state of the art – but the manner in which these have been combined within the windows is unique,’ emphasises Hermann Schmitz, Head of Application Technology at VEKA. ‘Our system’s versatility is particularly in good evidence here.’



a2016 5 7 2

In order to cool the rooms at night during the summer, it is possible to push out the outer sashes and open the inner sashes



Outstanding energy values


The SOFTLINE 70 MB windows used in the Dortmund project have a Uw value of 0.69 W/m2K, which is passive house level. Depending on the configuration of the system, it is even possible to achieve Uw values of 0.475 W/m2K.


According to VEKA’s calculations, this window system offers energy savings of approx. 20% in comparison with conventional windows.




Building project sign:

Completion: 2015
General contractor: e + p + b Bauprojekte GmbH
Building physics: Marc Klatecki/Ingenieurbüro
Prof. Dr. Hauser GmbH
Building management: Beckhoff Automation
Window production and installation: Athleticos West GmbH
Fittings: GU Gretsch-Unitas
Window system: SOFTLINE 70 MB, VEKA AG





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