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ift Special Show “Comfort + Safety of Automatic Doors and Gates” on R+T 2018 (27.02. – 03.03.2018)
Data dodania: 28.02.18

Gates, automatic doors and shading devices are leading the way in terms of automatic drives and controls for the construction industry. This entails additional requirements such as functional and electric safety, which must be taken into account during planning and tendering. However, also fire safety and burglar resistance as protection against industrial espionage and high material assets are more current than ever. 



2018 02 en 2 2

Important properties of electrically driven construction elements (doors, gates, windows, venetian blinds, etc.) Source: ift Rosenheim



2018 02 en 2 1

Highly insulating high-speed spiral doors from Efaflex (EFA-SST) for industry 4.0 concepts, with electronic control and protection as well as certified burglar resistance RC2. Source: ift-special show/Efaflex



Therefore, the ift special show “Comfort + Safety of Automatic Doors and Gates” in Stuttgart from 27.02. – 03.03. is presenting at the R+T world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, gates and sun protection (stand 10D31), what construction elements and their components can do today, how the requirements have to be checked and how the quality can be ensured. This will be complemented by a lecture forum that is organised together with the BVT.



2018 02 en 2 3

Stand at the ift-special show in the new Paul Horn hall (hall 10, stand 10D31) Source: ift Rosenheim



Digitization is entering each area of life, whether in the car, in the office, in production or in the private sector. Wifi, internet as well as smartphones have “conquered” our home - now, “hardware” will be next. Functional doors and gates in industry, airports or hotels have a pioneering role. Here, the latest technology is used at first, before it is used also in simpler buildings. The special show “Comfort + Safety of Automatic Doors and Gates” focuses on the presentation of security and quality characteristics of automatic doors and gates. At the same time, these are also machines according to the machinery directive and are subject to specific safety requirements. This also applies if they are put together from assemblies on site.



2018 02 en 2 4

Patented operable fabric curtain Fibreflam Iso 6 from Effertz (classification EI160-C2), tested according to EN 13241, EN 16034 as well as extensive safety equipment (fall protection, sensitive edge, currentless closing, centrifugal brake, battery buffering, etc.). Source: ift-special show/Effertz





2018 02 en 3 1

Sectional door Teckentrup SW 40 with high thermal insulation and variety of design as well as modern drive and control systems (electronic access control, status control, transponder, light barrier, electronic tower bolt) enable safe automatic use. Source: ift-special show/Teckentrup



Particular focus is on the planning and design of the drive units and controls as well as the on burglar resistance and fire safety. The innovative exhibits of the co-exhibitor (Efaflex, Effertz and Teckentrup) as an example, the design of drive units and controls, electrical and functional safety as well as burglar resistance and fire safety will be demonstrated for practical implementation. ift-experts show live burglar resistance as well as the simple and practical handling with the necessary documents, standards and requirements. This is supplemented by daily presentations and shows on burglar resistance at sectional doors, the connections of functional and electrical safety as well as the modes of action of fire resistance and fire behaviour according to EN 16034. Further information at



Information box: Door forum with BVT


In addition, ift Rosenheim will moderate at the adjacent BVT forum the thematic block “Fire Safety, Burglary and Electrics” on Tuesday, 27th February, and “Sensors, Control, Retrofitting and Defects” on Wednesday, 28th February, with the following lectures: 


  • DIN EN 16034 – 10 Steps to the CE mark – Practical advice for easy handling with proofs, certifications and factory production control (FPC) 
  • Apply EXAPS and classification reports correctly 
  • Electrical safety – What’s behind this? Field report from 30 years of audit work 
  • Burglary – Burglar resistance of gates, market developments, specifications and test methods 
  • Safety devices at gates – Communication between control and safety light grids 
  • Typical damage cases and tips on how to avoid complaints and liability risks 
  • Retrofitting of gates – Legal requirements and the everlasting „fairy tale“ of inventory protection 
  • Functional safety according to EN 13849-1/2 – Safety starts with product definition



2018 02 en 3 2



Całość artykułu w wydaniu drukowanym i elektronicznym 
Inne artykuły o podobnej tematyce patrz Serwisy Tematyczne 
Więcej informacji: Świat Szkła 02/2018




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