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Summer, sun, sun protection
Data dodania: 20.05.16

It’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer and lots of people are outside enjoying the sun. But the sun’s shining rays are not always welcome everywhere. heroal has therefore developed a comprehensive sun protection line – from individualised light channelling through partial shading to total shading.



Channelling natural light


Whoever wants to use natural light without the risk of glare will find the right solution with the heroal LC. Instead of completely darkening the room, the double-walled aluminium slats allow individualised channelling of the light. Each slat can be positioned separately, with the additional option of segmental darkening. This arrangement combines the advantages of roller shutters and Venetian blinds in a single system. Thanks to the high wind stability at up to 95 km/h, the slats open only at wind force 10.


a2016 5 10 1

heroal LC – the natural light system for individualised light channelling (photo: heroal)


Up to 75% less solar radiation


The heroal VS Z also lets in natural light without glare. The textile sun protection is mounted outside the window and regulates the indoor climate depending on the selected fabric. You can then create a pleasant atmosphere even on hot summer days. The large variety of colours gives you free rein in styling and contributes its share to the atmosphere of the room. With a refined design and stability that itself withstands wind velocities up to 145 km/h.


a2016 5 10 2

Stylish total shading with technical fabric for a cosy atmosphere (photo: heroal)


Style-conscious total shading


The heroal rs hybrid creates a cosy atmosphere with its roller shutter and textile combination. Exterior aluminium slats afford the greatest possible sun protection, whilst inside the weatherproof roller shutter and sun protection system comes with a water-repellent and dirt-resistant fabric. Besides the stylish total darkening, both noise and heat insulation are also provided. With a system that combines the advantages of roller shutters with the aesthetics of fabric.


More information at www.heroal.com


a2016 5 10 3

High wind stability and space-saving: a unit height of 3 meters requires only a 95 mm high box (photo: heroal)


Jennifer Kracht
heroal – Johann Henkenjohann GmbH & Co.KG



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