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KE USA & BAT USA at IFAI EXPO 2019: Italian Design in Orlando, Florida
Data dodania: 18.10.19

From October 2nd – 4th 2019, KE USA and BAT USA will be the ambassadors of Italian design in Orlando, Florida for the upcoming IFAI Expo 2019.The IFAI show is the international textile industry fair that annually gathers thousands of vendors and visitors to present the new trends in the textile industry.


2019 10 02 4a


KE USA and BAT USA will present a wide range of products for outdoor shading, both in residential and commercial environments, providing and creating protection from heat and UV rays.


2019 10 02 5a


The IFAI Expo is the ideal opportunity to learn about the innovative character of the company’s products, which encompasses elegance, reliability and technological research, offering different suggestions that can always be modified according to specific customer requirements.


2019 10 02 6a


For KE USA, the public will be able to tour the three products on display, starting from the GENNIUS VEGA pergola, which is characterized by luminous LED lights an out shading product that is a truly elegant piece of outdoor furniture.


2019 10 02 7a


There will also be the bioclimatic pergola KEDRY PLUS, a louver blade structure that has a special water seal making it absolutely waterproof, and the QUBICA FLAT cassette awning, outdoor shading with remarkable architectural lines. The booth will also show the wide selection of BAT USA products, which will include the SCREENY range and the SPACE WALL awning ideal for verandas and penthouses.


2019 10 02 8a


Attentive to industry news and anticipating new trends thanks to the commitment of their research and development team, KE USA and BAT USA will present themselves at the IFAI Expo as experts in the outdoor shading industry.


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