ZIGZAK sliding walls are one of the products offered by Vitrintec Ltd. The product is used to functionally divide office space while maintaining high acoustic performance and adequate comfort, keeping up with the times.


2023 09 45 1


The pandemic has forced changes to the design of office spaces: firstly, there has been a greater need to quickly divide up smaller interiors so as to rapidly reduce the number of people in a single room, and secondly, office workers have begun to feel the need to manage their working space more dynamically. ZIGZAK walls are ideally suited to these needs, allowing for conscious management of employee space.


The product is innovative compared to those of the competition. It allows glass and any furniture board infill to be juxtaposed, creating virtually unlimited interior design possibilities in accordance with the investor’s and architectural design studio’s vision.


2023 09 45 1


The use of walls from Vitrintec offers many design possibilities, because in addition to the basic modules: basic, telescopic and a module with doors, it is also possible to use corner modules, which allow the creation of interiors with an interesting arrangement of sliding walls. Vitrintec also offers various types of wall combinations, such as the „T” or „X” type, which allow for the creation of a fully customised space.


The ZIGZAK wall system uses an aluminium frame, a feature that also sets the product apart from the competition. Either glass or solid panels can be attached to this frame. In addition, the glass infill can be painted on the outside and inside and visually divided by muntins, which enhances the visual appeal of the whole system.


2023 09 45 1


Furthermore, ZIGZAK mobile walls can be assembled without any quantity restrictions, which makes it possible to adapt the modules to any room and the needs of its users. The product is easy to assemble and easy to use, so ZIGZAK mobile walls can be used both as a permanent and fixed element of the office infrastructure and as a piece of equipment that can be used to quickly reorganise a space, give it a new function and optimise the way it is used.


An important feature of the ZIGZAK modules is the ease with which they can be slid on and off. The walls are moved by hand. They are embedded in a running track, fixed to the ceiling of the room. Each module has two carriages, i.e. components that are fitted into the runway to ensure that the individual modules can be moved. Sliding walls also have special parking areas for lateral (two-point) parking, on which the modules are placed when the respective sliding wall is assembled.


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There is also the possibility of the socalled axial, or single-point wall parking. Vitrintec is at an advanced design stage with regard to the bogies and the running track profile for this type of parking and will soon also have this solution in its product range.


The walls in the option chosen by the customer are ultimately embedded in aluminium profiles. The all-aluminium construction of ZIGZAK mobile walls occupies only 13 percent of the module surface area, the rest is filled with acoustic glass: thus, the transparency of walls with glass infill can be up to 87 per cent. The product is characterised by excellent acoustics, maintained at an Rw of 39 to 49 decibels.


An example of implementation of mobile wall systems interior development of one of the office buildings in Wrocław (Poland). In October/November 2022, ZIGZAK walls were installed at the site in question – 32 repeatable modules and 6 telescopic modules, plus 3 modules with doors: in this way, as many as 41 ZIGZAK modules were installed in one space and within one project.


2023 09 45 1




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