Questions were answered by Viktor Osipov, President of StekloSouz of Russia, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Mir Stekla 2016 International Exhibition 


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Q: Mir Stekla 2016 will run on 6-9 June 2016. Mr. Osipov, what do you expect from this exhibition?


Viktor Osipov: Mir Stekla is a major international trade show of glass products, technology and equipment used in glass manufacturing, processing and related sectors in Eastern Europe, the CIS, Russia, and Central Asia. We expect that over 200 companies from more than 25 countries will participate in the show and the number of visitors will exceed 10,000. One in three exhibitors comes from abroad, and the number of those who wish to take part in our industry forum is growing. The main reason for increase in the number of exhibitors is successful implementation of the tasks set by the companies. I am positive the current economic environment will enable participants to increase their sales.



Q: What services are provided by the exhibition organizers?


Viktor Osipov: The exhibition is organized by StekloSouz of Russia and Expocentre. Visitors attend Mir Stekla to learn about the latest technologies from around the world and, therefore, we should create the most favorable conditions for them. Expocentre is one of the largest exhibition operators providing a wide range of services from obtaining a visa to booking a hotel. The customs terminal is situated directly at Expocentre Fairgrounds. It allows logistics companies to successfully cope with the set tasks. The exhibition management has a great database allowing attracting exhibitors worldwide. The Mir Stekla team enables exhibitors and visitors to plan their participation in the trade show providing accurate and relevant information in Russian and English.



Q: Why do exhibitors choose Mir Stekla?


Viktor Osipov: Expocentre is a major exhibition company and StekloSouz is a national industry organization. European, Asian and American glass companies know about us and trust us. Russia, the Baltic States and European countries abound in manufacturers of food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Glass products are also essential for defence, construction, agriculture, transport, furniture, and other industries. Participants can see products and materials made of glass, machinery, equipment, raw materials, refractories, and other glassware.



Q: Why is Mir Stekla held in Russia? 


Viktor Osipov: Despite the economic decline, Russia is developing and, besides, it is easy to get to Moscow from Europe and Asia. The CIS and Asian countries purchase machinery, equipment, glass products and technology in bulk. Exhibitors know that Russian and CIS buyers do not attend the main trade shows held abroad. In spite of economic recession, the Russian glass market steadily grows and innovative products are created. There is also a growing demand for modern equipment, refractories, raw materials, and key players of the global glass market know about it.


Q: What other important events will be held together with Mir Stekla 2016?


Viktor Osipov: The annual International Forum on Glass and Modern Technology – the 21st Century will run on the same dates as Mir Stekla 2016. Along with these events, Expocentre will host the exhibition for electrical equipment, lighting engineering and building automation, the international trade fair for metallurgy, machinery, plant technology & products, and the international trade fair for aluminium and non-ferrous metals, materials, technologies and products. It is a positive advantage for visitors to have so many events under one roof in Moscow. We expect that 10,000 industry experts from different sectors will attend the trade show.



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