In Moscow, May 28-31, 2018, the spotlight will be focused on the Italian delegation, coordinated by the Association of Italian manufacturers of machinery, plants and systems, special products and accessories for Flat and Hollow Glass processing. Mir Stekla, a strategic event for Russia’s glass industry, celebrates its 20th edition this year.


GIMAV member companies will be on hand May 28–31, 2018 at Moscow’s Expocentre, where they will display Italy’s best in technologies, machinery, systems and accessories for Flat and Hollow Glass processing. 



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At its last edition, Mir Stekla hosted nearly 200 companies from 20 countries around the world and about 8,000 visitors in an area measuring 11,500 m2. For the 2018 edition, in an approx. 140 m2 exhibit area, ten Italian brands, under the GIMAV banner and with the support of ITA (Italian Trade Agency), will showcase Italian excellence in glass processing technology.


“Russia’s economy – remarks GIMAV Director Laura Biason – has had its ups and downs. The drop in oil prices, with the ensuing devaluation of the ruble and geopolitical tensions have weighed heavily on its economy. But now, after almost two consecutive years of recession, it seems the country is beginning to recover.


And the effects of this growth are being felt in our industry as well. In a single year, the Russian market has climbed from 20th to 10th position in the ranking of our top destination countries, and now stands at 2.52%, double its share in 2015”.


For GIMAV member companies, the rise of Russia’s market in the ranking of major foreign customers is reflected in both the Flat Glass (now in 27th position, compared to 38th in previous surveys) and Hollow Glass sectors.




GIMAV member companies at Mir Stekla 2018


Antonini (stand 21B40)

Colorobbia (stand 21B46)

Fenzi – Alu Pro (stand 21B22)

Glass Service (stand 21B26)

Italcarrelli (stand 21B50)

Olivotto (stand 21B20)

Optima (stand 21B42)

Pneumofore (stand 21B44)

GIMAV (stand 21B24)

Vitrum (stand 21B24)




“For hollow glass in particular – points out Biason – Russia, as an importer of Italian machinery, ranks 9th globally: a significant rise, especially considering the steep contraction in 2015, when the country dropped from 2nd to 15th place”.


In all of this, however, we must keep in mind the perception of member companies that, based on the latest survey by the GIMAV Study Center for 2017, gauges the Russian market as still rather critical in terms of expected imports.



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