Glassworker GW 625-2 glass manipulator is an electric machine powered from batteries which are inside the device. The Glassworker GW 625-2 machine is used for lifting and transporting glass panes, IG-units and readymade windows. It can be used on production, when loading IG-units and windows, and especially on building sites when installing window joinery and  facades. 


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As a rare of the machines on the market, it can realize façade assembly by providing elements beyond the façade outline and automatically rotating it for assembly without having to manually rotate the elements. The machine also has an automatic hydraulic function and has programmable working speeds. It was used many times in high-rise construction in Poland on such investments as KTW Katowice, Smyk, Rotunda or Varso.

The drive mounted on the machine is transferred to the front axle and has the possibility of smooth control. Acceleration and braking is carried out using an intuitive joystick built into the handle of the device. The machine is equipped as standard with a remote control that allows you to control the arm of the device on which the window or glass is hung.


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From the remote control we can raise and lower the weight, extend and retract with the load, rotate by 360 degrees, tilt up, down and to the side as well as move with respect to the machine axis. Simply put, all motion in 3D space is possible. This solution enables precise positioning of the pane in the frame. All these functions together currently offer the most comprehensive solution in the field of glass and window transport.


The new generation of Glassworker GW 625-2 machines allows configuration of the machine in three equipment variants. There is an economical and light version without an automatic head rotating module, a version with a hydraulically rotating head and the latest version equipped with the possibility of mechanically pivoting the glass from the level of the wireless remote control.


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All machines can be additionally equipped with an arm extension, which allows free installation of windscreens and canopies at a height above 4 meters. The Glassworker device is equipped with an innovative system for securing the vacuum level distribu- ted to the suction cups. This guarantees double security.


This module is responsible for a separate sensor and a two-circuit system for the preparation and distribution of negative pressure, which protects against the uncontrolled disconnection of suction cups from the glass. The entire vacuum preparation system is independent of the machine and the moving part of the device head.


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Installed modern batteries and charging system allows long work on the machine on a single charge and guarantees a long battery life. Such parameters of the new generation of machines enable working both on the hall and on the construction site. Transport of the machine is possible by a van or on the trailer of a passenger car.


The Glassworker GW 625-2 German machine has a compact and simple construction so that the necessary service steps are simple and limited to a minimum. The manufacturer and distributor of the machine Uplifter allows you to rent and present the machine together with training in service.


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