The market for the sale, rental and service of construction machinery for window montage has increased significantly in Poland in recent years.


The growing number of investments, increasingly heavy glazing and decreasing number of employees on the market have meant that assembly companies are increasingly turning to machines supporting the transport and installation of heavy glass on the construction site.


What to look for when choosing a machine and supplier? What shapes prices? Readers will find answers to these questions below.


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Glass assembly machines are used both inside and outside the building. The most popular solutions on the market include suction cups for glass. Battery powered suction cups that can be used as equipment for all types of cranes, including truck cranes, hds cranes or forklifts, are becoming indispensable equipment at any construction site and in the production plant.

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Over the past few years, the most popular machine on the Polish market has become the UPG suction cups, including the UPG350, UPG450 and UPG600 models with a load capacity of 350, 450 and 600 kg respectively. The largest assembly companies and window joinery manufacturers use them, praising the reliability and service provided by the manufacturer Uplifter throughout the country.


The novelty of the last year is the larger UPG1000 suction cup with a similar construction to its predecessors but giving much more possibilities. This suction cup has fully removable arms and the possibility of any configuration configuration in building conditions. It is based on standard components and allows the installation of mounting distances on each of the plates separately. The UPG 1000 suction cup can be equipped with a wireless remote control. It has been designed and implemented for use by the German Uplifter branch and meets the highest levels of security.

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The second, most frequently used group of construction machinery for glazing in windows and facades are battery powered electric manipulators for transport and installation of glass and windows at the construction site. It is a modern, comprehensive solution with a built-in glass suction cup and its own independent drive, which allows transport and installation of glazing with a weight of up to 600 kg by a two-person assembly team.


Currently, this machine segment is developing very vigorously and modern solutions are tailored to the needs of the market. Here it is worth relying on experience from the West, where, for example, the developed German market has developed a technique for building manipulators with the highest safety and performance index for several years of experience. ERGOmount produces such machines under the name Glassworker. Here, each machine has a 40% safety margin and precision in the control system, which works well in difficult working conditions.

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Older machine types used so far do not allow the head to be equipped with a fully functional suction cup. Many machines lack full hydraulics and the possibility of mounting a rotating and tilting head in all directions (3D). Such solutions no longer meet the expectations of customers on the assembly market. New this year will be the new generation of Glassworker mini manipulators under the name GW 295. This agile, light and compact machine with a lifting capacity of 295 kg will be presented for the first time at Fensterbau Frontale 2020, at the Uplifter stand at hall 3A, stand 325.


The third, key group of machines most often used by window assembly companies are mini cranes. This solution was developed at the beginning of the 21st century by Uplifter, which began renting and selling Japanese Maeda machines in Europe. As history has shown, the key decision when creating a rental company or buying a machine for your own needs is just choosing the right machine manufacturer. The mini crane used for assembling the glass must be very accurate. Precision in operating the machine at full load, enabling the assembly of glass with millimeter precision has proved to be the key to success.

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This is not about a meter or two longer mast extension, which may result in device instability. In the use of mini cranes for window assembly, precision is the most important and the size of the machine will be the result of statistically most frequently implemented projects. The success of the Maeda brand, which is the most accurate machine on the market, is the use of high-performance Maeda hydraulic distributors combined with a precise control system. This combination is unbeatable to this day by other machine manufacturers.


At the same time, it should be mentioned that Maeda brand machines come from the Komatsu group of companies and represent a very long service life with low loss of time. It is these factors that determine the success and profitable use of construction machinery.

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Machine service.
Does your supplier have a mechanical workshop and mechanics?
Along with the development of the rental market for window joinery, more and more machines, companies and subcontractors implementing the concept of servicing this segment appear on the market.

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It is an area of constant change and development in the window and facade systems manufacturers industry. When deciding on the choice of a partner to cooperate in renting or buying machines, it is necessary to assess whether the experience of the supplier, operator and workshop facilities will allow for quick response and support.


That is why Uplifter has launched a service workshop for construction machinery working in the window joinery industry, conducting inspections, repairs and maintenance of machines from the mini crane segment, glass suction cups and manipulators of selected brands.


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