FOREL will arrive at Glasstec after celebrating 40 years of activities at its Company headquarters in Vallio di Roncade (Treviso), North East of Italy. The 40th anniversary celebrations took place at the end of a three-days ‘Open House’ event, the yearly in-house event to promote the Brand. This 7th edition registered a record in terms of partecipants with over 100 glassworks from more then 30 countries spread across all 5 continents. Daily demontrations of the equipment went on all day long while conferences on regulations and market trends saw the contribute of important authorities of the field and partnerships with Universities.



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These of FOREL have been 40 years of longevity which are characterized by a constant search for innovation, reliability and quality allowing the company to continue to expand and to respond more efficiently to the needs of its customers.


This constant growth has also occurred thanks to the flexibility and modularity concepts, that represent distinctive points of the Italian brand.


Flexibility understood as a full openness to customer requirements, with solutions „tailor made” specifically developed for each Forel customer.


Modularity understood as the possibility of updating the lines through the integration of machines and components to meet different production requirements and processing.



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These characteristics testify once again the mission of FOREL to satisfy customers with products that combine excellence and high technology, aspects that make of the italian company the leading international brand to produce solutions for the processing of flat glass


FOREL will be present at the Glasstec event with a 1200 sqm stand where the company will display some innovations as well as other established equipment like the Drilling and Milling machine which has confirmed to be one of the most successful products within the range.


On the exhibition area, the company will reproduce the typical productive cycle of a workglass


The first section will be dedicated to the storage and cutting of glass with the Vertical Cutting Line for laminated glass on display. The FOREL Vertical Laminate Cutting Line fulfills the ever increasing demand for cut to size laminate glasses via its unique patented system. Throughout the entire process the laminated glass sheet is kept vertically minimizing glass handling whilst maximising productivity and due to its vertical nature the machines footprint is kept to a minimum operated by just one person


One of the major innovations for FOREL at this Glasstec event is represented by the Automatic Stocking and Sorting Machinery System (Art. SS) developed for the IGU line , which represents FOREL Core Business. The SS is a comprehensive and automated solution for the internal logistics of the glassworks. It allows the automatic or semi-automatic unloading of glass from the cutting zone, the transport and the stocking with the ability to transit through an arrissing line, cleaning and quality control. In this way, in addition to precise traceability of each piece, the customer has the certainty of compliant material stored in the warehouse.With the addition of the necessary modules, you can run the automatic sorting of the glass panels to prepare them to work according to the desired program, thereby speeding up the next phase of transport and feeding of the production line. Specific devices and a specifically designed management logic allow to reduce waste to a minimum and to make the system extremely flexible which is important for the handling of large orders, but also for small quantities, without waiste of time and machine downtime The system consists of modules for handling and storage that can be made to better meet customer needs. 


FOREL will also present the latest development of the Automatic Arrising Machine with double head system for a faster processing to satisfy the requirements in terms of speed. The Automatic Arrissing Machine is highly modular and can be installed in IGU production lines either built by FOREL or other machinery manufacturers, it is however used independently upstream of IGU production in the necessary preprocessing of glass sheets before tempering



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To complete the IGU line, at the stand there will be the Automatic Sealing Robot, an highly automated machine to maximize productivity whilst reducing waste and downtime. The machine is specifically designed to work with stepped units of up to 100 mm and 100 mm thickness with an impressive weight of 450 kgs/ml


For the edging processing machineries, FOREL will display a line including the DM Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine, a 6 axis machine managed by computer numeric control. It has two opposing electronic spindles to ensure high precision and fast drilling and milling. The speed, versatility and the automation of the equipment make it very desirable among the glassworks that understood the importance to work vertically the glass edge and in line with the other processes.


FOREL is looking forward to welcome you at Glasstec (Hall 16, Booth A21/A41) to share the latest cutting-edge innovations and technologies in the field of insulating glass and flat glass processing.



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