The 2016 edition of Glasstec once again confirmed the major success of the FOREL brand in the industrial float glass processing machinery industry.


A large number of visitors stopped by the booth – the company’s largest ever so far – having come to see the Italian brand’s latest technologies and innovations up close. 


In Dusseldorf, the company presented some of its latest new products, alongside successful established products such as its Vertical Grinder – Art. EM (Best Seller 2015-2016)



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Given the considerable rise in the use of laminated glass, especially in the commercial sector, but also in the residential sector, the FOREL vertical laminated cutting line captivated the interest of major glass works from Europe and beyond. FOREL first launched this revolutionary innovation over 20 years ago, transforming the cutting process from a horizontal one into a vertical one, which – among the main benefits - allows the reduced footprint of machinery, a rise in productivity and performance while at the same time reducing manpower and manual work. The other major advantage of the vertical cutting line is the drastic drop in breakages owing to the reduced load tension applied to the glass plate.


Optimisation is processed by software which re-organises the cutting order with the aim of speeding up processing and facilitating the task. The cutting parameters can also be set manually by operating the touch screen control unit directly. The machine is also fitted with diagnostic system with a code, description and picture of the fault and a remote connection program for support.


The cutting table, which is one of the main innovations by FOREL during Glasstec 2016, was supplemented by the glass plate sorting system (art. SS) which was developed for the automatic feeding of insulating glass assembly lines or other process lines. Art. SS is a complete and automated solution for internal glass works logistics, and it allows the automatic or semi-automatic unloading of glass panes from the cutting area, the transportation and warehousing of the same with the possibility of transiting along an edging, washing and quality control line. This way, in addition to the precise traceability of each individual piece, customers are certain that they are warehousing conforming material.



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With the composition of suitable modules, the glass panes can be sorted automatically to prepare them for processing according to the desired program, thereby speeding up the subsequent transportation and production line feeding process.


Among its latest new products showcased at the trade fair, FOREL presented a world preview of a new technology for fully automatic in-line control of the gas fill in insulating glass. This innovation, which is the result of FOREL research, is installed directly at the outlet of the coupling press, thereby guaranteeing immediate gas fill control. The speediness of this automatic scanning system makes it possible to run checks and avoid slowing down the line cycle time.


Application of such technology will allow automatic in-line control of all panes, guaranteeing glass works will save on human resources usually in charge of such controls. The brand also displayed the new upgraded version of its profile bender with „Smart Arm” during the trade fair, to which a new option for plastic spacer bending has been added. This upgrade has been implemented in response to the rising market demand to process with precision and quality this new generation of high energy efficiency performance profiles. During the machining process, the profile is heated, bent and then cooled according to a series of optimised parameters depending on the type and thickness of the product used.


The FOREL profile bender – Art. PBA supplemented with this option now guarantees outstanding performance levels for the bending of all types of rigid profiles on the market: whether in aluminium, steel, steel-plastic or plastic.


The trade fair proved significant also as regards the brand’s decision to separate the grinding process from the drilling / milling processes within the same production line, a decision which continues to prove to be a winner.



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In particular, the drilling/milling machine proved extremely successful since it can guarantee extremely accurate and repetitive processing. The accurate repetitiveness was mostly appreciated by glass works needing to process glass panes to be coupled during the laminating process.


The flexibility of FOREL’s vertical process line was conceived to adapt to the needs of medium and large glass works. 


A series of major upgrades were developed by the Research and Development department for the drilling/milling machine Art. DM.

  • Scrap recovery: a significant exclusive solution to avoid vibrations and breakages during the milling phase is provided by the possibility of fitting dynamic suction caps onto the rear spindle of the drilling/milling machine; these suction cups are capable of supporting the scrap during processing. At the end of the process, the machine fully automatically releases the scrap into the purposedesigned lower vat without allowing the scrap to damage the processed part as it drops into the vat;
  • Automatic tool calibration system. The device developed is designed to manage tool wear in a fully automatic way, so as to guarantee the highest levels of processing and positioning accuracy;
  • Automatic tool dressing. While processing glass, tools lose their abrasiveness and to guarantee impeccable results, they need to be dressed before subsequent tasks. The application of this technology was devised to implement automation of the entire machining process and minimise all manual tasks;
  • Contrast buffer for deep countersinking: an exclusive accessory has been integrated into the machine to guarantee the utmost precision and eliminate breakages when creating deep countersinking necessary for the installation of the most sophisticated multi-point suspended glass panes


The brand is attending the trade fair shortly after celebrating its 40 years in business at its registered office in Vallio di Roncade (Treviso), in North-East Italy. From the onset, FOREL has stood out for its constant pursuit of innovation, reliability and quality, features which have enabled the group to continue to expand and respond more effectively to the needs of its clientèle.



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The machinery has always been conceived, designed, developed and tested on the premises of its Italian headquarters, without outsourcing anything outside Italy or fragmenting its know-how across multiple production sites. This centralised expertise and complete control of technology is a guarantee for the entire after-sales service, from the upgrades made to the machinery to the accommodation of customer requirements.


The year 2016 for FOREL has been a year of change and revolution for the Service division. New resources have been involved to support the long-term engineers, who thanks only to their experience on the field can analyse the customers’ situation on the phone or using remote servicing and provide transparent support that is completely free of charge.


FOREL Service can now rely on two offices in North America, the main office being in Minneapolis and a secondary office in Toronto, both with a spare parts warehouse and specialised engineers. The same organisation can be found in Moscow, with spare parts and staff. This presence across the territory in synergy with the various technical organisations developed in each country thanks to local agencies makes it possible to carry out on-site inspections, repair work and speedy shipments. What’s more, FOREL support from Italy to its agencies and customers has been extended from 6 am to 10 pm as a first step towards providing complete 24-hour support. During this time band, support is total and capable of providing answers of a technical, electrical and software nature.


During the course of 2016, the FOREL warehouse was also renovated with new equipment and human resources. Indeed, today almost the entire warehouse is automated and optimised vertically, making it possible to save space which can thus be dedicated to storing larger quantities of spare parts.


From a strategic perspective, for years the company has consolidated its business in mature areas – the USA first and foremost. Concurrently, it looks to new markets to export its technology and cutting-edge machinery. Countries such as India, Thailand and Mexico are major medium to long-term goals for the brand, considering their growth forecasts over the next few years.



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The slow-down of the construction market growth rate in China will be counterbalanced by the significant expansion in India and beyond; indeed, it is estimated that by 2025, a nation such as Indonesia will become the 5th biggest market in the world in the construction industry. These data demonstrate the enormous potential of float glass in years to come. FOREL faces these new challenges with keen interest, ready to satisfy the needs of mature and emerging markets alike.


For years, exports have been the main source of turnover for the Treviso-based company. Nevertheless, major signs of recovery have also been received from Italy this year, where FOREL - in order to strengthen and improve its customer services - has decided to make changes to its sales network across the country. To reach this objective, the company has set up new dedicated branches to support customers throughout the entire sales process of its machinery, and the brand also provides after-sales services such as spare parts and technical support.



The Italian company is preparing to end the year 2016 with a renewed awareness and the desire to continue to provide its customers with innovative and cutting-edge solutions.



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