Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar (NL) not only houses an impressive art collection, but the building itself is also an artistic gem. The impressive curtain wall is an absolute eye-catcher, subtly designed and perfect to provide the museum with the necessary natural light. However, such large windows of course require the right sun protection fabric. So Renson developed a customized solution for this prestigious project. 



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External sun protection screen invisibly integrated into the curtain wall


The curtain walls provide plenty of natural light and an open feeling to the museum, which also blends into the equally impressive green surroundings. However, sun protection fabric was a must, not only to protect the artworks from excessive sunlight, but also to prevent the indoor temperatures from rising too high. The condition was that the sun protection fabric had to be integrated into the curtain wall as invisibly as possible. Bas Van Gestel (Concept Manager Renson): „We were successful, because you can’t see the vertical fabric channels (built into the window profiles). The fabric roller barrel was also built into the round eaves at the top of the curtain wall.”



Blackout sun screens inside


In order to darken the auditorium and the projection room in the museum perfectly, Renson also provided blackout screens on the inside. Because we needed to integrate them as subtly as possible here too, we extruded new guiding profiles for this purpose. In order to minimize the impact of the sun protection fabric on the interior, the profiles were fixed to the steel profiles of the curtain wall with magnets. The boxes containing the fabric roller barrel are concealed in the ceiling and the bottom bar also disappears into the ceiling when the sunscreen is fully retracted.



Tailor-made solution


„Nothing was left to chance for this project,” explains Peter Gilbert (Special Projects Manager Renson). „It actually started out with the installation of a mock- up of the specially developed guiding profiles for both the indoor and the outdoor mounting. „Only after those were approved on site could the profiles for the entire project be extruded.”



Check out the videotestimonial of this project here:



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